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Vital statistics
Title Draga
Birthdate April 27
Gender Male
Age 11
Height 4' 11"
Weight 101
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Race Human
Alliance The Elements
Team Draco
Rank Member
Home World Earth
Fighting Style Mid-Distance
Weapon Fire Sword
Family Family:
"The flame of the dragon lives within me."

Draga (Trevor F.) joined the Elements back when it was first founded. He is the younger younger brother of Sketch , another member of the Elements. The Meteor Shower of '06 mutated his brain with the kinetic ability to speak to. dragons that were brought back to life by the disaster. Draga has the ability to transform into an enormous dragon and to command dragons to his will. He also has the power to turn ito a large bird and use water abilities. Draga and Sheppard constantly fought about who was better, but the fighting came to a hault after they worked together to fight three swarms of shadows.


Draga was once a regular boy with a regular life before the meteor shower. When the meteor struck him it struck his house as well, meaning that it also struck his brother. They both were granted powers and the house was like everything else that was struck by the shower, unscathed. The reason their parents weren't mutated as well is because they were both stuck at there jobs and left Draga's brother Sketch in charge of him. Draga wasn't actually recruited into the Elements until he had adapted to his abilities first. Draga was excited to join the Elements and was unable to hold himself still at the thought of being in a group. He was very talkative and Neoxe had to get his brother to keep him in line. Draga was sent off on his first mission after three days of training first. Draga would strike shadows down so fast that by the time he made it to the last trial in the Ten Trials, he overloaded the program and destroyed the Neoxe android by default. Everything was fine with Draga, until the day a new member came in. His name was Sheppard, an Elements member made of pure energy that was an acquaintance of the Elements leader, Neoxe. Sheppard and Draga fought about who was better. On July 15, 2008, the two decided to prove once-and-for-all that either one was the best. The fight raged on for about three hours before it ended. The fight ended when their powers collided and ended the fight with a tie. Both of them were knocked cold and medical attention was brought to them soon after. The two still fought after being healed. Neoxe decided it might be a good idea to send them both on a team mission to fight of a shadow swarm in Bejing, China. The two bickered while fighting the shadows back-to-back. After about thirty minutes, the swarms of shadows grew overwhelming. Draga and Sheppard then decided to settle their differences and use their powers together to destroy the swarm. The swarm was devastated by an endless berrage of fire and plasma. After the smoke settled, Draga and Sheppard became quite fond of each other. The two became strong and seperated into different groups. Sheppard now leads a squad of six and Draga leads a squad consisting of five members; Yuudoku, Furnish, Spike, and Tatsumaki.

Ensomble, Weapons, and PowersEdit

Draga dresses in regular clothes and feather cape made of Pheonix feathers. Draga doesn't carry weapons, except for a fire sword and that's it. Draga has the power to command and communicated with dragons. He is also able to transform into a dragon as well. And finally the last power Draga has is the ability to breathe fire. Draga's final limit is turning into his dragon, only this dragon is different. The "Final Dragon" ability makes Draga's dragon grows three heads and metal-like armor plates on his body and head.


Draga is boisterous, yet polite. He likes to make work fun for himself by destroying shadows in a pattern. Each pattern is different. To members of the Elements, he's kind and likes to be with them.


  • (To shadows) "Better hope you're fireproof!"
  • (To Shaigana) "You can't nullify a transformation!"


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